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At RAQA, we help our clients comply with the required regulations in a way that makes sense for their business. We empower them to be able understand the processes and navigate the system themselves.


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Our Values

RAQA - Our Vision

Our Vision

To support and empower innovative small and medium sized medical device companies and organisations, such as local councils and university hospitals, so they can continue to develop and improve devices and to support better health and treatment options for us all, now and in the future.

RAQA - Our Mission

Our Mission

To empower our clients by giving them the tools to navigate and comply with Medical Device Regulations in the EU and globally, so they can continue to successfully develop their products and businesses.

Meet Laura

Meet Laura

Laura Rossing is the owner of RAQA and has experience consulting in the Medical Device industry. Her main fields of expertise are Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Compliance, as well as communication with the Regulatory Authorities.

She is passionate about helping smaller companies navigate the complicated, bureaucratic regulatory process. Specializing in simplifying and streamlining processes, Laura establishes simple and effective quality assurance procedures that work in practice.