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Protect your company by understanding and following the relevant regulations for your industry. We can help you select and navigate the necessary regulations, define the necessary procedures, and create a practical framework.

We assist Manufacturers – Distributors – Importers from the following sectors:

Medical device sector

Medical Devices

Products or equipment intended for a medical purpose. These can range from simple tongue depressors to complex artificial organs, or even products like medical journal software.

Welfare technology sector

Health and Welfare Technology

A sub-category of medical devices designed to improve the life and quality-of-care for patients – often by increasing security, activity, participation or independence.

Municipalities and hospital sector

Local Councils and Hospitals

Did you know that you become a 'medical device manufacturer' if you alter, adapt or use medical devices in a way other than intended?

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Did you know?

Changing and altering devices can be dangerous
If you alter a medical device with a custom attachment or alternative part than specified, you are then defined as a medical device manufacturer. The change can be as simple as using a different mattress on a hospital bed or adding a headrest to a wheelchair, but can have important consequences with regards to responsibility and even more daunting, liability.

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